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A Korean Aussie adoptee goes back home for the first time. Hilarity ensues?

Korean adoptee Laura Wachs: “8-16-14”

Korean American poet and adoptee Laura Wachs successfully funded a hell of a Kickstarter project: move to Korea, run a series of poetry workshops for Korean adoptees, publish some books and try to find her birth family. She moved to Seoul a month before I arrived in Korea myself.

Laura has been keeping a blog about her thoughts on adjusting to life in Korea and I thoroughly enjoy reading it. This particular entry resonated with me so much that I wanted to share. It’s on dual identities, language, culture, and the resilience of Korean people and adoptees.

Above anything, I admire the resilience of Korea.

It’s one of the first impressions I had of the adoptee community too. Life is hard, building a life in Korea is hard, building a life in Korea as an adoptee is hard, yet all the people who’ve shared their stories of strife and hardship never talk with a tone of anger or a desire for sympathy. The attitude is “things are how they are and you fucking make it work, no questions asked” — and they do.

LINK: 8-16-14.


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