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Leap of Insanity: Bungee jumping in Yuldong Park


“You know someone went bungee jumping in Seoul and the rope snapped, right?” said my friend Ellwyn to Nelli and I on the subway.

“I don’t believe you.”

“There’s a YouTube video! And a kid died too. Just last week.”

A few panicked Google searches later and I realised that these incidents, while awful, didn’t happen at Yuldong Park – the place where we were bungee jumping.

But the thought of the rope snapping was already in my mind.

“Now I’m scared.”

“You should be scared!”


I felt my heart plummet when I saw the bungee jumping platform looming above a lake. I made backup plans in my head.

“If the rope snaps, I can swim.” 

I watched Koreans screaming and hurling themselves through the air. A big crowd of onlookers gasped and giggled.

… But then we found out that the bungee jump place was booked out for the day. So we went back to Seoul and had a good time in Hongdae.

I felt eerily calm the next morning as we headed towards Yuldong Park again, though that was probably because I was sleep-deprived from the previous night’s shenanigans.

It wasn’t until I got up to the top when I felt the fear. The harness around me suddenly seemed as light as a waistcoat.

“Jump towards the house,” said the bungee jumping supervisor, pointing to a cute hanok-style building on the other side of the park.

But I couldn’t stop looking at the huge blue lake below me.

“Are you ready?” asked the bungee jumping supervisor.

I thought I was going to cry. I’ve had nightmares about things like this.

“Take a deep breath.”

My chest shuddered as I breathed in.

“Okay. Let’s do it. LET’S DO IT.”


I let out a choked gurgling noise and jumped. For a moment, everything was blue.

“This is the end!” boomed the primal part of my brain that knows jumping off a thing doesn’t usually end well.

I bounced back. I survived! But then I forgot that I had to go back down again. It was a most unpleasant surprise.

“AAAAAAAAAARGHIODSGIDDJSFIAEAAFJER!” I flailed my limbs around hopelessly in a misguided attempt to stop. Instead, I bounced up and down again and screamed some more. Oh, how I screamed. Like my legs were being eaten by piranhas.

Then… I was flying! Swinging through the air like a school musical production of Peter Pan.

“Yeah! Woooo!” I spread my arms out wide and laughed maniacally.

A guy in a boat caught me at the bottom, my legs wobbling as I tried to remember gravity. I was still laughing. I’d done it!

Kpop group, The Wonder Girls, bungee jumping at Yuldong Park

I sent Umma and my sisters a photo of my adventure.

“Was it scary?”

“Yes! Very scary!”

“You’re brave.”

Brave? Even though I lost my marbles in the middle of it?

Then I thought, yes. I am brave as hell. I tried doing a really scary thing. And even though I was terrified the whole time, at least I tried. And I didn’t even vomit or lose control of my bowels.

Let’s just say it’s a tenuous metaphor for going to live in Korea. (Except for the vomiting and losing control of my bowels part.)

This blog post was written in lieu of posting a video of the bungee jump, which is dreadfully embarrassing and features old Korean women at the park laughing at my screams of horror.   


2 comments on “Leap of Insanity: Bungee jumping in Yuldong Park

  1. bridgb
    March 11, 2015

    Ultimate respect, you’re amazing! I totally would have simultaneously cried, vomited and voided my bowels. Probably just at the sight of that tower, let alone jumping off it!

  2. Maddy
    August 2, 2016

    I was the same at first when I went with a local tour agency called onedaykorea to do extreme sport in Gapyeong but it turns out to be a really cool journey with lots of Adventurous sports activities such as ATV, water sports, and of course bungee jump ( Which i end up liking very much after my first try). I wasn’t disappointed at all! And prices were affordable. I also visited Nami island located in Gapyeong too! Overall a really nice place to visit in my opinion 🙂

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