Rok 'n Roll Radio

A Korean Aussie adoptee goes back home for the first time. Hilarity ensues?

RnRR Elsewhere

My writing about adoption and Korea published elsewhere:

Korean-Australian adoptees return to Korea and meet birth family – Carly and I talk about First Trip Home, meeting family and seeing Korea. Broadcast on 4EB FM.

Part One: Meet Ellie and her wacky adoption story

Part two: Ellie & “Where are you from” project – Founder of The Two Chairs Suzanne Nguyen interviews me about cultural identity, adoption, Korea and my radio program on multicultural Australians.

Blackface in Korean Comedy – a short opinion piece I wrote for The Two Chairs on Korean TV show Gag Concert using blackface in one of their skits

To the Motherland – a radio documentary I recorded and produced about Korean adoption, adoptees and finding my birth family


Transracial doesn’t mean what Rachel Dolezal thinks it Means – my take on the drama with a white woman, Rachel Dolezal, claiming she is “transracial” and identifies as black. Transracial is a commonly accepted term in academic and advocacy circles to describe international adoptees.

Catapult: Traveling with the Seongs: An essay about bonding with my birth family and a funny weekend away with my Umma’s side of the family

Reviewing two Korean movies for the Melbourne International Film Festival: The Bacchus Lady and Seoul Station


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